About us

The law firm was founded in 2011. Our lawyers combine specific expertise, commitment, and dedication. Quality, continuous training, and a clear-cut customer focus are the key elements of our daily work.

Telos Law Group

We are a dynamic, young team. Further training, precision, and personal commitment to you are a matter of course for our employees. We familiarize ourselves with the work processes in your company and blend into them so that we can work together as effectively as possible.

For you, only the result counts. Due to our firm’s structure, there will be, at any time, at least two of the most experienced lawyers in the given technical area who work for you. This allows for continuity and a smooth flow of information, which contributes to success.

Competence, Trust, and Experience

Our clients expect in-depth knowledge, but also years of experience of successful attorneys. We offer you both in order to provide you with reliable support in developing your projects or solving problems. It is precisely this experience that enables us to assess opportunities and risks adequately and professionally. We are on your side as a reliable partner.

The legal expertise of our employees is the basis for our joint success, but the creative and cooperative implementation of projects allows us to break new ground and find optimized solutions for you. We rise to this challenge every day.


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Since our firm was founded, we have always interacted with each other respectfully. Different lifestyles, in whatever constellation, characterize and enrich our day-to-day work. We regard diversity as a great value to gain new insights and perspectives. You and your strengths are the only relevant factor when it comes to delivering services together that are as exceptional as you are.